Boycott The Scouting News

October 4, 2010

Soup Nazi’s Cousin

Besides the manipulative, threatening, coercive, behavior of The Scouting News against innocent children, this blog has never mentioned the other original source of inspiration behind the name choice.  When the Boycott began, Seinfeld was still producing new episodes.  One of his most popular and enduring creations was the “Soup Nazi.”  The character had  a product that was popular, and he mercilessly withheld it from anyone who dared to offend his delicate sensibilities.  As anyone who knows about Benny will attest, there is a comically tragic side to his egomania.  Understandably he resents being called a Nazi, and he doesn’t see the parallels of his own propaganda and persecution which were mainstays of the Third Reich.  He also apparently, never watched Seinfeld or is utterly unable to laugh at himself.  There are a couple of longer clips that can’t be embedded, but you can see them here.  The second is hillarious- “Soup Nazi – The Revenge.”  If Elaine were a hockey mom, she would definitely Boycott The Scouting News



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