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January 14, 2008

Resource for Scouts or Brag Rag for Parents?

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While The Scouting News claims to be a resource for scouts and coaches, its credibility is continually damaged by its own words and practices. The Boycott Forum recently called them on their “tip sheets” which they claim are compiled from calls for information by college, pro, and junior coaches. In the same article, they appeal to kids who want to be added to the list asking them to fill out a “free form.” If any player can submit himself to the list, how valuable can it really be to teams looking for the best players? This kind of semantic gymnastics is par for The Scouting News and fairly representative of the deceit employed in their business practices. Ever wonder how much of their revenue comes from scouting staffs vs players’ parents? You can bet its heavily lop-sided in favor of parents. If you want to pay to read online what you or your child has written, that’s certainly your prerogative, but if you think you’re paying to get scoop from legitimate decision-makers, you are mistaken. The Boycott takes issue with the Scouting News not because of its content, but precisely because of its persistent deceptive practices. Cancel your subscription now and don’t renew, even if they offer you 90 days free. The Boycott is working and people are getting the message that giving Ron “Benny” Holmes their money only supports fraudulent, predatory, and discriminatory business practices which do more to hurt kids than to help them.

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