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Nazi-ism: What is It?

From Wikipedia:

“Although the modern consensus sees Nazism as a type or offshoot of fascism, some scholars, such as Gilbert Allardyce and A.F.K. Organski, argue that Nazism is not fascism — either because the differences are too great, or because they believe fascism cannot be generic.[24][25] A synthesis of these two opinions, states that German Nazism was a form of racially-oriented fascism, while Italian fascism was state-oriented.

Nazism differed from Italian fascism in that it had a stronger emphasis on race, in terms of social and economic policies. Though both ideologies denied the significance of the individual, Italian fascism saw the individual as subservient to the state, whereas Nazism saw the individual, as well as the state, as ultimately subservient to the race.[26] Mussolini’s Fascism held that cultural factors existed to serve the state, and that it wasn’t necessarily in the state’s interest to interfere in cultural aspects of society. The only purpose of government in Mussolini’s fascism was to uphold the state as supreme above all else, a concept which can be described as statolatry. Where fascism talked of state, Nazism spoke of the Volk and of the Volksgemeinschaft.”

“Despite these differences, Kevin Passmore (2002 p.62) observes:

There are sufficient similarities between Fascism and Nazism to make it worthwhile applying the concept of fascism to both. In Italy and Germany a movement came to power that sought to create national unity through the repression of national enemies and the incorporation of all classes and both genders into a permanently mobilized nation.[27]

Here comes the spooky part:

“Hitler and Mussolini recognized commonalities in their politics, and the second part of Hitler’s Mein Kampf — “The National Socialist Movement” — (1926) contains this passage:

I conceived the profoundest admiration for the great man south of the Alps, who, full of ardent love for his people, made no pacts with the enemies of Italy, but strove for their annihilation by all ways and means. What will rank Mussolini among the great men of this earth is his determination not to share Italy with the Marxists, but to destroy internationalism and save the fatherland from it. (p. 622)”

Now, anyone who’s ever dealt with Ron “Benny” Holmes must see the parallel. He has behaved as one who wishes to keep the great game of hockey to himself, to withhold it from others whom he despises, and to destroy international cooperation (a la his CHL penchant and aversion to the USHL) which could strengthen the North American game even further. Essentially, there is a divide between the Americans and Canadians which Holmes promotes and trades on. To the contrary, the NHL and USA Hockey are trying to bridge gaps and expand the fan base as well as participation.

As a Russian expatriate, Benny takes particularly great offense at being described “Nazi-esque.” While the term may not fit exactly as defined above, there are obviously aspects of Nazi-ism such as the suppression of dissent through propaganda in which Benny is extremely well-versed. He may not like the label, but his actions belie his professed aversion. Whether Nazi-esque, Fascist, or Communist, Benny seeks to obliterate opinions contrary to his own. Do you really want your money going into pockets like those?

The Propaganda Machine

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