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November 30, 2007

Scouting News Subscriptions Sag

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The Scouting News is reaping the sour fruit of its misguided behavior. The Boycott has been more effective than we could have imagined. Their web site is down today, probably for lack of payment because as the graph below shows, their page views are down precipitously from the same time last year. No page views, no income – no income, no web site! Thanks to all of you who support this important grass-roots effort and let’s keep the heat on. Don’t support sites that prey on the pride and hopes of loving families, don’t pay for services which claim to increase your athlete’s visibility and success, and don’t support any business that manipulates children or their parents for financial gain. Athletes get what they earn on the playing field or ice – not based on what predatory disreputable services say about them. The graph below is not a fabrication, see for yourself.

Subscriptions Dag, Page Views Plummet

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