Boycott The Scouting News


What it is

Boycott The Scouting News is a blog started to get the truth out about cyber-terrorist, Ron “Benny” Holmes. He works for The Scouting which is ostensibly a service to identify and report on youth hockey talent throughout North America. While the service does indeed cast a wide net for information from knowledgeable sources, it also pulls in some real stinkers with the rest of the catch. The problem and reason for the boycott is the tactics used by Benny to squelch criticism, dissent, and freedom of speech. It has nothing to do with the content of The Scouting News and everything to do with one of it’s primary representatives . There is no foul tactic which is beneath him. He stoops to the lowest depths to create an illusion of utter superiority and subject matter expertise. Soon, this blog will open to those who Benny has silenced. Their voices and truth will be heard, and the totalitarian censorship perpetrated by one narcissistic, pompous individual will eventually come to its inevitable conclusion as subscriptions trail off and renewals dry up. The Scouting News has been given ample opportunity to change its ways, but Benny remains the face of the company to its public leaving us no other choice but to call for this boycott effective immediately.


The Scouting News has considerable value. Children love to read about themselves and their parents don’t mind paying the money to read the same. The breadth and reach of The Scouting News makes it a potential goldmine, however, the destructive propensity of its principal, Ron Holmes, prevents it from achieving its potential. As a business model it could attract sponsorship as well as subscription income, however, the reputation of “Benny””/Holmes dilutes such possibilities. It is the objective of this blog to have Ron Holmes removed from all association with The Scouting News. If he is the sole owner/operator, this can only occur with the demise of the business entity itself. If, on the other hand, there are other decision-making stakeholders, they can and should relieve Holmes of his position to save an otherwise innovative and interesting business. Furthermore, it is the objective of this blog to support The Scouting News in the establishment of a community relations forum to protect it from actions and statements detrimental to its own well-being. A call to end this boycott will occur when the following actions have been taken and verified:

  1. The Scouting News publishes on it’s front page an apology for the behavior of Ron Holmes and a promise to ensure such activity is permanently discontinued along with an explanation of how it will ensure this promise is kept. This may or may not include the removal of Ron Holmes from association with The Scouting News.
  2. The Scouting News sends an apology to every email address it has censored or banned.

No apology for prior content published in is deemed necessary as the content is a matter of personal or expert opinion. As such, it is considered free speech and it would be hypocritcal of this boycott to promote any form of censorship which is the chief complaint and raison d’être of this blog.

What it is not

The call for boycott has nothing to do with any individual youth athlete, rather it has to do with customer courtesy and service. It has everything to do with one man’s attempt to obliterate dissenting public opinions and to damage the reputation of those with whom he disagrees. In these days we have all become used to self-serve or minimal customer support, however, persecution of paying customers is something akin to totalitarianism- a la Mussolini or the former communist states from which Ron Holmes “evolved”. This blog is not:

  • A response to any single article ever published in The Scouting News
  • A commentary on any associate of The Scouting News other than Ron Holmes
  • A condemnation of The Scouting News as a whole.

The term “Scouting Nazi” was an indirect nod to the genius of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi.”  Like Seinfeld’s character, Benny manipulates and threatens his customers. Like the “Soup Nazi,” Benny may not be a real Nazi, but he acts enough like one to warrant the epithet.  Also like the television charicature, The Scouting Nazi reference allows us to laugh at the insane machinations of one ego-maniac and the circus atmosphere surrounding him.  In case you’ve never seen Seinfeld’s original, here are some classic excerpts.  See if you can imaging the Scouting News ladling out helpings of smarm & compliments to his choice customers while sntaching his product back and shoving a refund in the face of anyone who he thinks crosses him.  It’s a pretty good comparison, we think.

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  1. Don’t you think for a moment that you are slandering this guy?

    cyber-terrorist, Ron Holmes

    Seems a little much for an upset hockey parent to call someone.

    No, I don’t think it’s slanderous or “a little much.” Holmes calls coaches whom he’s never met and parent-subscribers to pressure them into isolating or blacklisting youth hockey players. He lobs lecherous grenades of lies and threats to silence criticism of his publication. He uses the internet to coerce dissenters and their sympathizers into silence. Anonymously posting defamatory comments about players and their parents to pressure them into submission is, in my view, “cyber terrorism”. It is superficial and simplistic to ascribe this boycott to “upset hockey parents.” That’s like saying the civil rights movement was the result of “upset bus-riders” or that the American Revolution was a “little much” for disgruntled tax payers. While true, it is far too simplistic and attributes the cause to the victims rather than their persecutors. Is it slanderous to call slave-owners biggots, to call nazis anti-semites, or to call a king a despot? Maybe, but the righteous and freedom-fighters say what needs to be said anyway. The Boycott is not about content. We have never argued about the right of the Scouting News to publish opinions (positive and negative) about players. We have, however, drawn the line at persecutorial practices whose sole purpose is to marginalize those who express disagreement with that content. Yes, he’s a Cyber-terrorist and needs to apologize before the boycott is lifted.

    Comment by unsettled in your words — May 8, 2008 @ 10:50 am | Reply

  2. p2QqgX Thanks for good post

    Comment by johnny — December 30, 2008 @ 10:07 am | Reply

  3. The very first time I originally commented I clicked on the notify myself whenever new feedback are added and now when a opinion is added I get many emails with similar remark. Could there be anyway you can remove folks from that service? Thanks a lot!

    Comment by Valrie Corredor — November 16, 2011 @ 6:51 pm | Reply

    • Valerie, there should be an option to unsubscribe or change settings at the bottom of any email you receive from WordPress. Otherwise, I am at a loss – there is no mechanism for me to adjust those types of settings on my side.

      Comment by The Scouting Nazi — November 17, 2011 @ 3:20 pm | Reply

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