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October 1, 2007

The Scouting News Stalks Parents

The Scouting Nazi showed his hand recently. He creates newsgroups/forums and salts them with topics he thinks will generate discussion. Not a bad idea because it let’s him know where his suckers’ (I mean customers’) heads are. As the moderator, when he sees a topic take off with lots of comments, he sticks it on the front page of his publication as a teaser to get the same poor parents to pay money to read. That’s right, they’re reading some of the same stuff for free in the forums before it gets digested and regurgitated on pay-per-view. Expensive vomit is what it amounts too. Parents think they’re going to some innocuous forum to vent their feelings anonymously, but all they’re doing is feeding the hand that bites them (intentional). He publishes lists of kids from other publications like The Red Line Report which would amount to plagiarism and copyright infringement, but he deletes the names of kids whose parents have crossed him. That way, he can claim “originality” and when the ones he leaves off turn out to be the real deal, he conveniently cowers behind his claim that he’s 99% accurate. Baloney! He’s 99% accurate because he publishes children’s and parents’ accounts of themselves and leaves out the ones who know the truth. If he’d put them all in, he’d be 100% accurate, but what good would that be? Exactly, worthless as well. Be very suspicious of any forum you’re reading at, especially if it contains threads like “who’s the best…”, “top forwards….”, etc. Snake oil, anyone? If you don’t believe me, post a negative comment on any Hockey Forum and see what happens. Another hint: the forums he moderates don’t make IP addresses visible- that’s so you can’t easily prove it’s him (unless you know what to look for).

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