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December 19, 2007

Scouting News Trades on Violence

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In a new low, The Scouting News used its anonymous “intel” arm, Network 54 to stir the pot regarding a recent row at a youth hockey game. If it weren’t enough to trade on the pride and hopes of parents and children re-selling them their very own recycled words, they are now fishing for dirt on the seamier side of the pond. Next they’ll be trolling for parents’ personal indiscretions. Welcome the Jerry Springer of hockey, Ron “Benny” Holmes (aka The Scouting News).

Digging Dirt

December 16, 2007

The Scouting News Launches Puppet Site

In a desperate attempt to save its sinking flag-ship, The Scouting News recently launched copy-cat site, The new domain is registered anonymously and differs from the Scouting News only in that its scouts have names and photographs published. Or should I say its Scout (only one). While it would be unfair to comment on the legitimacy or credibility of the new site’s source, he is clearly not discriminating about the company he keeps. We urge “former WHL scout”, Sean Wilson, to distance himself as quickly and as far as possible from this new joint venture and its cowardly face, Ron Holmes. Perhaps if Wilson knew the lows to which Holmes stoops in the name of business, he would never have allowed his name and likeness to be associated. On the other hand, perhaps Wilson is associated with The Scouting News precisely because he was unsuccessful in prior ventures. You are judged by the company you keep, and Mr. Wilson, regrettably it is affecting your reputation and credibility very negatively. How do we know these two are in choots? When have you ever seen The Scouting News link to a competitive site? When have you ever seen them name a source? The sites use the same payment processor. They even use the same words, pictures, and articles. They want you to visit the new site. Why? Because the Boycott is working! The Scouting News revenue is spiraling beyond repair thanks to the Boycott. By setting up a figure-head and copy-cat site with a different name, they hope to continue their business of preying on the hopes, dreams, and pride of innocent parents and children by masquerading as a legitimate source of news for coaches and scouts. There is even, perhaps, redemptive value in that aim as long as there are those who knowingly buy into it. There is however, no excuse for the bullying and persecuting practiced by Ron Holmes.

Boycott The Scouting News and Boycott! Boycott every other venture it spawns until The Scouting News can muster the integrity to publish an aplogy on its front page and in its Network 54 Forum. Aplogize for calling coaches to complain about parents who don’t agree with your articles, apologize for attempting to black-list deserving kids, apologize for spreading lies about others in internet forums, apologize for bullying and persecuting paying customers, and apologize for taking so long to apologize. Then, the Boycotts will be lifted.

December 4, 2007

Scouting News: Bogus Rumors Hurt

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What’s the big deal if you’re only wrong 1% of the time? That’s one perspective, but when you spread rumors from trusted “inside sources” that players are drafted or committed and those rumors turn out to be false, credibility is damaged – not just yours but that of everyone associated with the story. The Scouting News commonly extols its accuracy while ignoring its (arguably comparative) errors as insignificant. Let me ask you this, “If you’re an aspiring athlete, and someone publishes something untrue about you that affects your future, how would you feel?” This is exactly why people who subscribe to and support The Scouting News should cancel their subscriptions immediately. Today, an announcement was made about a player based on unsubstantiated rumor. Now, that player who is completely without blame, will be linked by association with that deceit by some. Will he be overlooked by CHL scouts who believed he was committing to NCAA? Probably not but once rumors get going, they’re hard to stop.  Wake up and smell the coffee, people. Don’t subscribe, don’t renew, and don’t even read their teaser pages. Boycott The Scouting News and support our youth – support the Game!

Did The Scouting News start the rumor? We can’t say for sure, but they posted an article about NCAA commitments on their page today, they run the forum at Network 54, posted a message about Smith-Pelly there today, and as soon as someone called them on it and blamed them for starting the rumor, they deleted the message from the forum. It’s your call.

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