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August 9, 2008

The Scouting News Continues to Abuse Moms

a recent comment left by a mom indicates that The Scouting News is continuing its practice of coercion and making threats.  Cancel your subscription now.  Don’t fund this kind of unprofessional, rude, manipulative behavior.

I also had a horrible experience with TSN when I kept getting requests for info on my son (8 in one month) and they never bothered to profile him. When I emailed and asked why, I got an absurd, abusive response from the guy who told me how he could ruin my son’s name. The guy is nuts and REALLY paranoid. He suggested I ask hockey people around the country about his publication and how powerful it is, and when I did, naturally no one thought anything of it. Too bad there isn’t a legit website that isn’t out to make and break our kids

June 10, 2008

Scouting News Fading Fast

Wow, the Boycott has produced amazing results. In less than a year, you have taken a site ranked fairly high in the category of internet pageviews and completely eliminated it from the internet radar! While the publisher continues to troll for new, unsuspecting players who are enamored of seeing their names on the Web, savvy hockey families have abandoned the troubled rag in droves. Stalwart subscribers whose children have received favorable press continue to ignore the persecutory practices of The Scouting News because, they believe, any positive ally is a good ally. It’s sad that people are willing to sell out their teammates and unable to realize the impact to hundreds if not thousands of younger players coming behind them. Supporting The Scouting News is supporting the hockey politics and blacklisting that is the bain of the very sport. Ask top-level hockey parents what they like least about the sport and one of the things at the top of their lists is “politics.” Why less talented or weaker players get opportunities over better players. That kind of rhetoric is usually attributed to jealously, but the Boycott is showing that; 1) top players get what they earn regardless of what The Scouting News writes; 2) real scouts and coaches apparently don’t read “The News” ; 3) The Scouting News’ Claims of infallibility and superiority are patently false, its promises hollow, and its back-alley blacklisting is busted finally; 4) The Scouting News never truly carried any weight in the scouting community which will survive long after the “News” draws its last breath; and 5) when regular people speak out in unison with their purchasing power and preferences, they can make a difference and begin to depose to false dictators and pretend potentates who would like them to believe they are powerless. You who have joined the Boycott by submitting your comments here and in other internet forums and through private email campaigns have said “enough” to the Scouting Nazi. Until The Scouting News is removed from the internet or until the apology is posted on its front page, rest assured that this Boycott Blog will remain alive in acknowledgment of your support.

April 3, 2008

Google “Boycott The Scouting News”

Wow, have you Googled “The Scouting News” or “Boycott The Scouting News” lately? We have literally surrounded and out-flanked the lecherous, predatory Ron Holmes, aka “Benny” with our virtual army of parents, players and coaches who reject his practices of preying on kids and posing as a hockey insider who can affect the future of promising prospects. When this boycott started, the publisher of The Scouting News thought he could call coaches and even existing parent-subscribers and influence them to blacklist or socially isolate the children of parents who called his bluff. If this is your first time visiting this site, that may sound like a far-fetched claim, but as you read the articles and comments of parents and coaches contained on this site, you will realize that a critical mass of support for the Boycott was reached last year. Essentially, people were fed up with the deception and manipulation The Scouting News used to suit its perverted purposes. Today, you cannot Google the Scouting News without seeing the Boycott right next to it! Today, the internet reach and pageviews of the Scouting News are at their lowest levels since the insipid rubbish rag debuted.

Scouting News Numbers Near Zero!

Wow! Pageviews down 80% over the last 3 months! That’s enormous. Thanks to conscientious adults who value truth and integrity above seeing their children’s names mentioned on a supposed authoritative web site, the Boycott has spread like wildfire. Parents and coaches fed up with a man who spams and floods internet forums with annoying solicited testimonials from deparate, though well-meaning parents and children. Parents and children who have trusted him with their pictures and stories who had been fooled into thinking that the publicity might help them obtain better hockey opportunities have discovered that no reputable coach or scout cares what The Scouting News writes and no reputable journalist would contribute content to a publication so plagued with incompetence and so lacking in integrity. Just look at the teeny tiny lines in the bottom right corner of the traffic graph below. Their stats haven’t been this low since they opened the site. Have you noticed all of the promotions they’ve been offerring lately to get new subscribers? This is why…

Scouting News Going Out of Business

That’s a clear indication that people have had enough of The Scouting News. Each year another group of Pee Wees and Bantams will hear the Pied Piper’s tune luring them to send in their pictures, stories, and money. Until the Scouting News apologizes publicly and affirms in writing that it will discontinue its predatory and disparaging polcies, the Boycott will live on, continually tightening its virtual grip until eventually, the Scouting News will realize the futility of continuing its operations.

January 31, 2008

Subscriptions Near Bottom?

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If pageview trends are any indication of a site’s popularity, The Scouting News is finally nearing its deserved end. Pageviews are at an all time low, down 42% in the last 90 days thanks to the efforts of The Boycott!


Not since the fraudulently-premised site began have visitor numbers been so low. What’s changed? Absolutely nothing, and that’s precisely why the site is in such precipitous decline. Word has spread near and far of their predatory, vindictive practices. What’s new is the thousands of visitors to this site and internet forums who have found the courage to speak out in spite of the threats made by Ron “Benny” Holmes and The Scouting News. Attempts to make parents think he has the ability to hurt their children’s chances for success in hockey are finally being rejected because a critical mass of outrage and indignity has been reached. Thanks to all who have canceled their subscriptions. Thanks to every single one of you who are helping to spread the word about just how unscrupulously Ron Holmes behaves and how poorly regarded he truly is throughout the world of youth hockey. Keep spreading the word. Paste links to this site on every forum, email your friends, and especially warn parents with younger children who are new to this whole scam, The Scouting News preys on the love and pride of parents. It’s time to turn up the heat and finish them off for good. It’s amazing through all this, one man has stubbornly refused to hear the complaints of the public – that he has refused to apologize publicly and mend his ways. Until The Scouting News publicly apologizes for misrepresenting itself, erase their bookmark, don’t visit their site even out of curiosity, and don’t give them one thin dime. Way to go, hockey fans! You should be very proud of yourselves. The court of public opinion has convicted Ron Holmes, The Scouting Nazi. Just look at those teeny, tiny numbers in the bottom right corner. Let’s see if we can get them all the way down to zero.


Here are links to other sites where supporters gather:

December 19, 2007

Scouting News Trades on Violence

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In a new low, The Scouting News used its anonymous “intel” arm, Network 54 to stir the pot regarding a recent row at a youth hockey game. If it weren’t enough to trade on the pride and hopes of parents and children re-selling them their very own recycled words, they are now fishing for dirt on the seamier side of the pond. Next they’ll be trolling for parents’ personal indiscretions. Welcome the Jerry Springer of hockey, Ron “Benny” Holmes (aka The Scouting News).

Digging Dirt

December 16, 2007

The Scouting News Launches Puppet Site

In a desperate attempt to save its sinking flag-ship, The Scouting News recently launched copy-cat site, The new domain is registered anonymously and differs from the Scouting News only in that its scouts have names and photographs published. Or should I say its Scout (only one). While it would be unfair to comment on the legitimacy or credibility of the new site’s source, he is clearly not discriminating about the company he keeps. We urge “former WHL scout”, Sean Wilson, to distance himself as quickly and as far as possible from this new joint venture and its cowardly face, Ron Holmes. Perhaps if Wilson knew the lows to which Holmes stoops in the name of business, he would never have allowed his name and likeness to be associated. On the other hand, perhaps Wilson is associated with The Scouting News precisely because he was unsuccessful in prior ventures. You are judged by the company you keep, and Mr. Wilson, regrettably it is affecting your reputation and credibility very negatively. How do we know these two are in choots? When have you ever seen The Scouting News link to a competitive site? When have you ever seen them name a source? The sites use the same payment processor. They even use the same words, pictures, and articles. They want you to visit the new site. Why? Because the Boycott is working! The Scouting News revenue is spiraling beyond repair thanks to the Boycott. By setting up a figure-head and copy-cat site with a different name, they hope to continue their business of preying on the hopes, dreams, and pride of innocent parents and children by masquerading as a legitimate source of news for coaches and scouts. There is even, perhaps, redemptive value in that aim as long as there are those who knowingly buy into it. There is however, no excuse for the bullying and persecuting practiced by Ron Holmes.

Boycott The Scouting News and Boycott! Boycott every other venture it spawns until The Scouting News can muster the integrity to publish an aplogy on its front page and in its Network 54 Forum. Aplogize for calling coaches to complain about parents who don’t agree with your articles, apologize for attempting to black-list deserving kids, apologize for spreading lies about others in internet forums, apologize for bullying and persecuting paying customers, and apologize for taking so long to apologize. Then, the Boycotts will be lifted.

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