Boycott The Scouting News

August 9, 2008

The Scouting News Continues to Abuse Moms

a recent comment left by a mom indicates that The Scouting News is continuing its practice of coercion and making threats.  Cancel your subscription now.  Don’t fund this kind of unprofessional, rude, manipulative behavior.

I also had a horrible experience with TSN when I kept getting requests for info on my son (8 in one month) and they never bothered to profile him. When I emailed and asked why, I got an absurd, abusive response from the guy who told me how he could ruin my son’s name. The guy is nuts and REALLY paranoid. He suggested I ask hockey people around the country about his publication and how powerful it is, and when I did, naturally no one thought anything of it. Too bad there isn’t a legit website that isn’t out to make and break our kids

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