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July 8, 2007

Boycott Me? Brutal!

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How dare you think of boycotting my service. By tomorrow, you’ll be nothing. I ‘ll call your coach and have you black-listed from every team in North America! You have no idea how powerful I am. I could care less about your sniveling brat of a hockey player. This is personal and there’s no turning back. What’s that? You tried to complain about my service, and I made you cry? Post your whining comments here so everyone can see what a pathetic loser you are and what an expert I am in business and in all things hockey!

This is typical of the response you’ll get if you so much as question Benny about anything he publishes in this publication, The Scouting News.  Even asking for a refund can result in unsolicited attacks on your child and your family.  Post a negative comment, ask for a correction to something posted on his site in error, and your child’s coach will be contacted – other parents who subscribe to his rag will be enlisted to marginalize you and your child!  Don’t fall for the strong-arm tactics of this cyber terrorist.  Do not subscribe to it.  If you have a subscription, do not renew it.  Warn parents and players everywhere – Benny and The Scouting News are predatory leeches on the life blood of ice hockey.



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