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May 23, 2010

Predatory Scouting News Uses Facebook to Lure Kids

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If sending emails to kids asking them to provide personal details about themselves and their hockey exploits weren’t bad enough, now the Scouting Nazi aka “Benny” is trolling the internet playground, Facebook, for more victims.  No legitimate hockey scouting program would EVER stoop to asking teenagers to be their primary source of information.  But The Scouting News blabs  “Please enter your contact info below in the comment box.  Benny (owner of the Scouting News) will be doing featured articles on all who participate in this group. You can also invite your other hockey buddies aswell. This will mainly be a discussion board for top level hockey prospects.”

Facebook Scouting News

Predatory Page

So they’re going to be doing featured articles on “all who participate”?  Every parent who wants to put an end to the parasitic practices of a man who attempts to blacklist and marginalize kids should log on to facebook and join the Scouting News group to prove their claims false.  If Benny keeps his word and writes an article about an old fat dad simply because he joined the group, it proves further that the rag is garbage.  If he doesn’t write an article, it proves further that he’s a liar and a pathological predator.  Don’t forget to “invite your other hockey buddies.”   Sheesh.

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