Boycott The Scouting News

June 10, 2008

Scouting News Fading Fast

Wow, the Boycott has produced amazing results. In less than a year, you have taken a site ranked fairly high in the category of internet pageviews and completely eliminated it from the internet radar! While the publisher continues to troll for new, unsuspecting players who are enamored of seeing their names on the Web, savvy hockey families have abandoned the troubled rag in droves. Stalwart subscribers whose children have received favorable press continue to ignore the persecutory practices of The Scouting News because, they believe, any positive ally is a good ally. It’s sad that people are willing to sell out their teammates and unable to realize the impact to hundreds if not thousands of younger players coming behind them. Supporting The Scouting News is supporting the hockey politics and blacklisting that is the bain of the very sport. Ask top-level hockey parents what they like least about the sport and one of the things at the top of their lists is “politics.” Why less talented or weaker players get opportunities over better players. That kind of rhetoric is usually attributed to jealously, but the Boycott is showing that; 1) top players get what they earn regardless of what The Scouting News writes; 2) real scouts and coaches apparently don’t read “The News” ; 3) The Scouting News’ Claims of infallibility and superiority are patently false, its promises hollow, and its back-alley blacklisting is busted finally; 4) The Scouting News never truly carried any weight in the scouting community which will survive long after the “News” draws its last breath; and 5) when regular people speak out in unison with their purchasing power and preferences, they can make a difference and begin to depose to false dictators and pretend potentates who would like them to believe they are powerless. You who have joined the Boycott by submitting your comments here and in other internet forums and through private email campaigns have said “enough” to the Scouting Nazi. Until The Scouting News is removed from the internet or until the apology is posted on its front page, rest assured that this Boycott Blog will remain alive in acknowledgment of your support.

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  1. Dont ever stop

    Comment by Ty Chance — July 19, 2008 @ 11:34 am | Reply

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