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July 23, 2007

Propaganda Rises as Page-Views Plummet

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The Scouting News offered up another juicy morsel of mediocrity this week with its article, “Free: Thoughts.” Thank goodness they were free, but calling that meandering propaganda “thoughts” is euphemistic at best. The article opens with,

“July has been our best month ever! Now let’s move forward with discussing The Scouting News’ focus for 2007-2008. Our goal is real simple: BE MORE SUCCESSFUL and BE NUMBER ONE! We will let others talk the talk, while we walk the walk.”

Hey, maybe we can suggest one or two more goals to shoot for. How about, “respect customers” and “act with integrity”? They’re finally letting others talk? Amazing! Actually, it took a Boycott to get the truth out. The “news” goes on to contradict itself, “…Despite the loss of revenue and traffic message boards created for The Scouting News we will stand by our decision.” Apparently the decision they’re sticking to is the one to be rude, arrogant, deceitful and to tick everyone off as much as humanly possible. So which is it, was July their best month ever? Or did “the message boards” cause a loss of revenue and traffic? Tell ya what my Boycott buddies, here’s the chart of his traffic. It’s publicly available data that I am not making up:

Traffic Graph

So, clearly, July was NOT their “best month ever.” Their “reach” is down 33% in the last three months and their internet traffic rank based on a combined measure of page views and users is dropping like a rock. Holmes goes on to say they’re going to build three new sites to swindle and bully even more unsuspecting victims. In other words, the Boycott has been so effective, he’s going to a new platform that will allow him even more autocratic control and power to persecute his customers. If your child is getting a good report from this fool, good for you, but your money is directly supporting cyber terrorism and you should stand up for your fellow hockey parents, coaches, and players and cancel your subscription, ask for a refund, and don’t renew until Holmes publishes an apology on his front page. It’s so simple. All he has to do is say that he finally understands that the boycott wasn’t about a disagreement with his content- rather it was about the obsessive manner he went about attacking and persecuting customers and others who disagreed with him, that he regrets that behavior, and that he promises not to do it again in the future. How hard it that? Instead, he’d rather dig his heels in and continue spreading lies, omitting truths, and asking you to take his word at every turn. That’s ok, this Boycott can easily and quickly be expanded to include any other sites he puts up, so we’ll just leave it here until we get our apology. So after all this, you still think the “news” is worth paying for? Did you notice who they left off the 92 list and have you asked yourself why? I seem to recall a recent first round WHL ’92 draftee who doesn’t even show in the top ten of Holmes’ latest and “most accurate” list. Again, although this Boycott is not about content, the content as well as the omissions tell the story of this man’s penchant for punishing others with whom he disagrees and they highlight the inescapable untruths he foists daily upon his victims. Don’t support him any more in any fashion. Tell us your story of how Holmes bullied or lied to you.


  1. Wow, I saw that, too, but he’s already taken it down. You must have hit a nerve. Even though he quickly took it off the front page, you can still find the original.

    Comment by amazed — July 24, 2007 @ 11:30 am | Reply

  2. Today they announced a 50% off sale (going out of business sale I hope), but as usual it’s just a tease. Their price has always been $99 per year, so if the current price is half off, they must have doubled it recently. They have no shame.

    Comment by anonymous — July 26, 2007 @ 7:22 am | Reply

  3. I agree I hate the Scouting News. Nothing but propaganda. That is Canadian Hockey News was started!

    Comment by Canadian Hockey News — July 31, 2007 @ 8:15 am | Reply

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