Boycott The Scouting News

July 20, 2007

12 Days

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Only 12 days ago, the Boycott blog did not exist. Today, I Googled “The Scouting News” and was humbled to see that the Boycott blog is third in the search order. Ironically, the only thing separating The Scouting News from the Boycott is the A-Train Hockey Vlog. At this point, I’m thinking it may actually be possible for the Boycott to become more popular than The Scouting News itself! That would be the utlimate testament to the power of freedom – the very freedom Ron Holmes seeks to limit. The Boycott couldn’t possibly survive on the effort of one person, so thanks to all of you who are checking out this site- who value freedom of expression and abhor censorship, persecution and bullying. Keep clicking, seaching, and sending this site to everyone you know in hockey. Has The Scouting News offended you? Tell the world your story here so that others can be spared the abuse you sufferred. Don’t subscribe and don’t renew. Don’t fund oppression, lies, and persecution of the innocent. Just click on “Join the Boycott” and leave a comment telling your story.

3rd Place on Google and Rising

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